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HOW AM I FREE? I am completely free to you! I know crazy right!? How do I get paid then? Well I get paid a commission from your vacation carrier AFTER you experience your dream vacation! Did you know that agent fees are built in your reservation price whether or not you use one… so why not get my free advice, gifts, and free planning services! Just as you are putting a lot of trust in me, I am doing the same for you because if you cancel I get nothing, nothing for my time, nothing for the gifts I will be sending you, nothing for all of the hours planning, nothing. We are not paid by the hour, only by commission. So we are in this together! WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT? - I am INSURED unlike 90% of other agents. This protects your vacation, and your money. - I don't just sell it, I do it. I travel to Disney and Universal anywhere from 1-4 times a year. I cruise 1-4 times a year on different cruise lines and ships. I travel what I sell so when I book your vacation you are not just getting the first page of a brochures selling slogan, you are getting my recent experience. - I am a member of the largest agent organizations in the world and with that comes added discounts we are able to offer to our clients that is not available for the public for many top cruise lines. - I book your dining, reservations, and waaaaay more (if you prefer) for your vacation BUT if you want to do it great... I am here for what YOU need. - I am always looking out for better rates for you and as an agent we have the ability to add discounts to already booked vacations unlike if you booked on your own you would have to rebook at a higher rate in order to apply which usually ends up costing you more. - Knowing the ins and out of your reservation and saving you from what companies will not tell you that could cost you more money or waste your time such as spending HOURS sitting on hold. - You can arrange payment plans through me for almost all vacations, and most at 0% interest. You can also use financing if needed through me via the ever popular company Uplift. - I am by your side from the start to the end. I do not book you and then disappear. I am only a message/phone call away even while you are ON your vacation. - I specialize in large group bookings for business and families and am able to link all parties. - I can get you discounted tickets or added perks to your ticket purchases like early park entry at Universal even if you are staying off site. I can even get your RunDisney bibs weeks before they go on sale to the public ensuring you a place in the race! - I provide you packing lists and so so so so so so much more to help you get ready for the big day and right before you go a final folder full of gifts and more! - I save you money with tips, tricks, and other ways to save. - Your vacation is a lot of money and I understand that. No question is too small, no need too much to ensure you not only have the best vacation possible but also that every cent spent is worth it based on your families specific needs. - Many more reasons…. message me today to learn why so many refer me as a travel agent and how hard I will work for your vacation needs!
ABOUT ME Hi! My name is Ashley Hartley and I live in Friendswood, Texas with my husband Paul and our two young boys. We love to travel and we are a special needs family. I love to share my first hand knowledge of traveling with little ones and with traveling with special needs with my clients. My love for Disney began at a very young age growing up with Disney movies like The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. Classics of course! And as I grew my love for Disney grew to their parks and beyond. That magical first step into the parks, getting to hug Mickey and Minnie, the amazing treats at every corner... I love it all. I am very passionate about Disney and Universal and I am passionate about helping you plan your vacations and helping your family create memories through magical experiences. With my attention to detail and love for planning, your vacation will be spectacular from beginning to end! My certificates and achievements: - College of Disney Knowledge
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