We are actively searching for new agents to join our team. Is that you? See below the many reasons to join our family and how to apply! Please see below the many wonderful ways we spoil our agents!

We proudly offer our agents the following benefits:

1. We have no fees! No start up fees! No monthly fees! No admin fees! NO FEES!


2. Our agency owner does not take on new bookings anymore, so our agents never have to worry about sharing booking requests with the owner or the agency lying and saying they are not getting any leads from their branded website. They are.


3. Commissions staring out at 60% for new agents and for established agents looking for a new agency, we will match and/or beat your current percentage and re-establish your CLIA asap.


4. Rewards based on yearly sales from free vacations, free/discounted park tickets, free customized websites, free emails, and more!


5. We offer a full training program to get you started and quickly on your feet. We train you not only in how to set up your social page, but how to take quotes, stay organized, and so so so so much more!


6. We will never steal your clients or use their information to market direct to them like some of the bigger agencies that lie and say they do it for you.


7. All website leads go directly to our agents and we run monthly marketing campaigns to bring our agents

new clients.


8. A dedicated support team that has a sole position of agent support.


9. Yearly training onsite to companies such as Disney, Universal, and more.


10. Yearly awards/incentives in writing so you always know what to strive for! We do not leave anything out of our contracts.


11. 85% commission for your own personal travel.


12. Errors and Omissions Insurance is included to protect you and your clients.


13. A marketing team that works for YOU at no charge vs charging you for photos, website page, marketing campaigns, and more. We are to support you... not nickel and dime you.


14. Discounts and incentives for your own personal travel with your family and with other agents as well.


15. CLIA card for discounts on your own personal travels.


16. We offer training guides, new client emails, final emails, planning PDF's for your clients so you do not have to create from scratch, and so so so so so much more to get you started with proven techniques to boost/start your sales from go.


17. We are a family and we stick together, and we support one another.


18. We send monthly marketing emails to your clients with only YOUR contact info via YOUR email so when they reply it goes direct to YOU.


19. Some of the highest commissions for our agents along with online profiles and marketing  from other companies and platforms beyond just our websites and social pages.


20. Customized booking tools to help you not only learn what to say to prospective clients but also how to quote them, book them and more.


21. Private pages for just our team so that we can easily communicate and help each other.


22. Webinars, concurrence calls, and so much more to keep you up to date with news and more!


23. Photos, flyers, photos, and more to assist you in selling vacations.

What Makes Us Different:

1. Some of the other agencies still take on new clients and take the bigger bookings while giving their agents the little bookings. Crazy About Vacations owner does not take on new clients via the website or social pages.


2. Many make it hard for their agents to leave by adding things in their contracts like:

- You are unable to sell vacations for 9 months once you leave

- If you leave you cannot take your clients with you

- If you leave your commission % will go down to 50% or less

This tactic makes it hard to leave and allows them to treat you however they want since you cannot leave without losing pay, losing clients, or losing your ability to make a living. We do not do this.


3. Many agencies will not allow agents an increase in commission for their own personal travels. We pay 85%.


4. Other agencies charge monthly fees, admin fees, start up fees, and try to take advantage of their agents by up charging on everything from website for $300 plus a year and emails for $100 plus a year... and to milk every penny they can from their agents they prevent them from ordering on their own or building their own websites. We charge no fees and give our agents a free website page!


5. Many newer agencies do not have high sales which only allows them the smallest commission percentages for their agents, or they only focus on 1-3 suppliers which leaves very small commissions for the rest of the brands. We focus on over a dozen suppliers and with our team we sell a lot of vacations, over 3 million last year.


6. Most offer very little in the training department and then throw you out there with the expectation to book so many vacations in a short period of time. We fully train you in all areas so when you start marketing yourself you are ready to book and start making money!


7. Many agencies do not cover your error and omit insurance. If you do not have this insurance and you make a mistake it falls solely on YOU to pay your clients back or to financially rectify the error. We have a million dollar policy that covers our entire team.

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