Why You Should Use An Agent!

Hiring the right agent can not only save you time and money... but it will also surprise you the many more ways hiring an agent is the best thing you can do for your vacation!

1. Our Agents are Insured! - most agents are not insured and that puts you, your

money, and your vacation at risk!


2. We Can Save You Money - We know how to save you money by knowing when discounts are rolling out, by knowing when the lowest prices are. We are able to add discounts to reservations even if they are already booked vs booking on your own you cannot. We have access to group rates, discounted flights, many other ways to save money for your vacation all the way to where to buy discounted merchandise.


3. We Do the Work For You - IF you prefer we are happy to do the work for you! Getting up at 5am to do your dining... no problem. Sitting on hold 4 hours to ensure a change is made.. no problem. Need to book trains all over Europe with stops near your resorts... no problem. Whatever you need we would love to assist IF you want. If you rather do some or even all of your planning no problem, we are here for anything you designate for us.


4. Emergencies Happen - While we hope your vacation goes perfectly that is not always the case. Canceled flights, world wide shut downs, hurricanes, and more can really derail a vacation and nothing is worse that sitting on the sidewalk on hold for 6+ hours trying to get home... you rest easy and let us do the work to get you home or wherever you need to go.


5. Gifts and More - We love spoiling our clients with surprise gifts from the start and more just to show our appreciation for having YOU as our client.


6. We Prevent Common Mistakes - We sell a lot of vacations yearly.. millions. So we know if a resort is in need of remodeling, we know if a location has known issues such as late pickups. We know if their rooms only have full size beds vs queens they say they offer. We know far beyond the perfect photos they sell you with and we use that knowledge to ensure you book what you have envisioned.


7. We Travel What We Sell - One thing about travel is that it is ever changing and sometimes what once was is now outdated withing weeks. We travel what we sell and often! We are not some social page group of thousands who haven't been in years and is spreading far outdated information. We do, we walk that path, we know the ins and outs, we know what is CURRENT vs the past. We know first hand how hot September is, we know which resorts do not clean up seaweed vs those that do. We know dates to avoid travel to parks vs dates that the weather is great and crowds are low and we did not get all of this information via others from years ago. We did not get this information from a friend of a friend... we did it personally.


8. We Work For YOU - We are not working for the vacation providers... we work you for you and we work hard to ensure you get the vacation you dream of, the vacation you paid for. We are not here to give you a sales pitch, we are here to swim through all those sales pitches and get you a great price and a great vacations to the best of our abilities.


9. Vacations Tailored to YOUR Needs - We work for you and in doing so we are tailoring our quotes to your families needs, to your wants specifically. While social page sites offer lots of information that is what worked for them... not you. We sell millions a year and know how to tailor vacations to our clients vs ourselves.


10. Stellar Customer Service - We firmly believe that good customer service is not a thing of the past but very much alive and well. We are always coming up with ways to make sure you feel special and appreciated along with our agents. We believe happy agents = happy clients.


11. We Are With You Even During Travel - We are right with you even if you are on the vacation we booked. If you are onsite and a hurricane hits... we are right there on the phone arranging alternate transportation or lodging. We are with you all the way there and back.


12. Group Outings - We book groups for all kinds of vacations from theme parks to cruises. Singles cruises, Moms at Disney, Dads at Disney, business bookings, employee appreciation bookings, and so much more world wide.


13. We Are Trained - Our agents are required to spend countless hours training with providers in order to sell their products. From the Disney College of Knowledge to a Masters Certificate with Royal Caribbean. That training along with our own personal accounts ensures our ability to assist you in all of your vacation planning whether near or far.


14. We Have Added Benefits - We can get you discounted tickets or added perks to your ticket purchases like early park entry at Universal even if you are staying off site. We can even get your RunDisney bibs weeks before they go on sale to the public ensuring you a place in the race!

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