Most Asked Questions Answered

Why use a Crazy About Vacations agent?

There are so many reasons to book with one of our highly trained agents, but here are the top 10 reasons.

  • 5 star customer service. We respond to calls and emails and make our clients (all of them) a priority.
  • Our services are complimentary.
  • We do it all for you. From booking dining, to booking car rentals and beyond. Whatever you need we would be honored to assist in.
  • We only sell what we travel, meaning you will not book a cruise with an agent who has never been on a cruise before. You will not book Mexico with an agent who has never been. This ensures you have an agent that has first hand knowledge of your destination and can offer you real advice based on YOUR needs/wants vs what Google search or others recommend they tell you based on NONE of your needs.
  • We are highly trained before we can even book vacations. We have a full training website for our agents that goes through everything from booking to being an ethical agent.
How are your services complimentary? How do you get paid?
  • Our services are complimentary... it is true! It does not matter if you book on your own, through the company direct, or through a travel agent... the price will be the same. You see the agent commission is built into the price no matter how or where you book. So why not use our highly trained agents, you are paying for one anyways! Why not book with some of the best and highly trained agents in the field? We work so very hard to ensure your vacations is customized directly to your needs/wants, all the while giving you 5 star customer service.
What training do your agents have?
  • Our team undergoes extensive training before they can even begin booking vacations. This is important to ensure our clients get the best vacations. We do not hire and let them lose to book anyone and anything... in order to sell it they must travel it themselves, and complete that suppliers training.
  • Our teams undergo an Ethical Agent training created only for our team. This training ensures that they fully understand how to not only ethically save their clients money at all times, but to continually work to save their clients money even after they book such as when new deals come out.
  • We work hard to spoil our agents because we've learned that happy agents = happy clients. They offer you 5 star customer service and we give them 5 star support.
  • All of your travel documents from emails to PDF's are created from the corporate level with the experience and expertise of not one agent but ALL of us, that way you are not only informed of everything... but our forms are continually updated as suppliers evolve and offer new services, products, and advancements. 

Your Amazing Vacation is Waiting

We have an agent waiting just to plan your amazing vacation. All of our agents are fully trained and specialize in all forms of travel from theme parks to cruise lines, from cruise lines to all inclusives. If you can think it, we can plan it... that is why we are Crazy About Vacations. We are crazy about vacations, and crazy about YOU!

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