ALL leads go to agents!

Some of the other agencies still take on new clients and take the bigger bookings while giving their agents the little bookings. Crazy About Vacations owner does not take on new clients via the website or social pages.

Honesty, integrity, and a fair contract.

Many make it hard for their agents to leave by adding things in their contracts like:
- You are unable to sell vacations for 9 months once you leave.
- If you leave you cannot take your clients with you
- If you leave your commission % will go down to 50% or less

These tactics makes it hard to leave and allows them to treat you however they want since you cannot leave without losing pay, losing clients, or losing your ability to make a living. We do not do this.

Personal Travel rewarded with 85% commission.

Many agencies will not allow agents an increase in commission for their own personal travels. We pay 85%.

No Fees!

Other agencies charge monthly fees, admin fees, start up fees, and try to take advantage of their agents by up charging on everything from website for $500 plus a year and emails for $200 plus a year! They even charge them just to have their names on their website. We charge no fees.

Higher Commissions

Many newer agencies do not have high sales which only allows them the smallest commission percentages for their agents, or they only focus on 1-3 suppliers which leaves very small commissions for the rest of the brands. We focus on over a dozen suppliers and with our team we sell a lot of vacations, over 4 million last year so our % with suppliers is some of the highest.

Full training website

Most offer very little in the training department and then throw you out there with the expectation to book so many vacations in a short period of time. We fully train you in all areas so when you start marketing yourself you are ready to book and start making money!

Error and Omit Insurance Provided

Many agencies do not cover your error and omit insurance. If you do not have this insurance and you make a mistake it falls solely on YOU to pay your clients back or to financially rectify the error. We have a million dollar policy that covers our entire team.

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